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How does your journal taste?

Sweet or salty.

We Review Your Livejournal
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Ask to be reviewed.

There are two ways in which you can request a review of your journal. The first is by making a post within the community saying something to the effect of "Review me." Reviewers will then view your journal and post their critique along with a grade.

The second way of requesting a review is by commenting in this thread and asking for one. This style of review is lengthier and in depth, covering all aspects of your journal. A reviewer will then decide who they want to review from this list and they will post their review in the community. Sometimes the wait is longer than the first review style, but it has its advantages.

Guidelines to be reviewed.

Your journal should have at least 25 visible entries. We do not accept "friends only" journals and we will NOT review your journal if you add us. Post a short entry, one word to three sentences in length, in the community or in the review thread.

We suggest responding to comments and critiques as a reviewer may alter their grade given justification. Users can comment on any entry they would like to. They can also critique journals as well. However, only accepted members can give grades. Do not delete comments or posts, consequences are an automatic ban.

Mistakes users have made.

We do not want to hear your life story in your application. Don’t inform us of how you crave attention or acceptance. We simply don’t care. Your journal may suck, but you need not tell us before we review it as you might put preconceived notions in our heads. Don’t inform us of your favorite artist or band, it’s not necessary. We know you write your journal for yourself and not for others. But you must remember, you posted here asking for a critique.

More than journal reviews.

This community was created to review journals. But now we're a post all/tell all community. Anybody can make a post about anything, although it has to be entertaining in some way. Posts can be about image macros, celebrity news, or even something you've written for your journal. It doesn't matter, as long as it entertains.

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