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Elections [19 Feb 2011|06:17pm]

Obviously, I shouldn't be considered for Owner of anything, since I haven't been around in like two years and never update my journal.

Maybe I should start a community called <lj user=youcantplayguitar>?

Anyway, sup
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[03 May 2010|09:12pm]

Go on then.
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REVIEW ME -_-; [06 Apr 2010|04:52pm]

 Review my latest fiction, please. 
It's titled I've Complicated Our Lives by Falling in Love with Him!
it's three part ! ....
ohh and if youd like to critique my boring blah blah blah's i'm fine with it!
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A belated review. [04 Mar 2010|09:56am]

Good Morning,

As an accepted member of youcantwrite, I took the liberty of review-flaming mmmrorschach, a fellow accepted member, in his own journal. Click, click! All links lead to the brutal display.

If that's not enough, here's another literary hatchet job, which resulted in what should be the holy grail for any accepted member/reviewer: journal deletion.

None of you are safe.



LJ Sniper


P.P.S. EDIT! mmmrorschach, in true cowardly fashion, has deleted the exchange, left the community, defriended me, and banned me from his journal! Click here for the REPRINT.
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Greetings [28 Oct 2009|03:52am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hello. I've obviously joined this community in order to get more reads/comments/criticisms of my writing.
I use this account for short story writing (the emphasis is on short so don't be scared away!) There's some original fiction there in amongst a fair amount of Harry Potter fanfiction, all Marauder based, of course. And I think it's all focusing on Sirius and Remus rather than James and Peter. There's a lot of slash stuff there :/
If that doesn't appeal then sorry. You don't have to read it (: but don't be scared by the geeky HP stuff, because as I said there is original fiction there too.
I will start reading and criticising other people's writing soon, probably tomorrow evening (I wont start now as it's quite early in the morning- I should be asleep by now).
I bid you adieu (:

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Hi Everybody [20 Sep 2009|01:03am]

Hi Everybody
I was just going through my commuities and I saw this one and well I dare everybody to try to read and review mine since I bet mine is the worst you ever seen!
I can't type for shit!

help [26 Aug 2009|07:39pm]

hi i been on live journal for a year know,having a hard time with my journal it's mostly graphics any ways i don't know why i don't get comments or friend request maybe some one can look at my journal and tell me anything to make it a little better.iam a huge blood ties fan so my journal is all blood ties so tell me what i can do to make it look better.i do not have photoshop or anything fancy i just use different backgraounds of what i have.i love my journal i work hard to have it the way i want it any advice would be helpfull thanks.
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Review, please. [16 Aug 2009|02:41pm]

Hello, I found this community via mmmrorschach and I thought it would be interesting to see how people outside my friends list view my writing. Granted, I usually reserve more personal writing for paper journals, but I'd like to think there are a few good entries here. I write more for myself than anything, but it would be nice to get some constructive criticism.

[03 Aug 2009|09:45pm]

wow this is a cool group.

I just joined, obviously.....

So yeah if you wanna review it..... it's open to everyone. You don't have to friend me.

If you go a ways back you'll find soem little blurbs that I'm quite fond of.

Yeah I'll stop talking now.

Never done this before :/ [19 Jul 2009|10:03pm]

[ mood | awake ]

So I suggest you start from the beginning (my journal isn't long) You'll notice my self progression. Review me. <3 [:

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Review Me? [11 Jul 2009|05:48pm]

I was just a smidge bit curious. It's too bad I don't feel comfy making public my friends only stuff. Feel free to skip over the youtube entries and entries that don't have much to do with anything. Perhaps that's more than the few I'm thinking of in my head. Happy Saturday.
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Worst Quitter EVER [10 Jul 2009|08:53pm]

Apparently the_silent_army has gone to get a life.

Sorry, didn't think it was mean enough for a deletion. Otherwise, be sure to check out his/her journal for several captivating text walls about anime video games that AREN'T VIDEO GAMES ABOUT ANIME BECAUSE THEY ARE SO TRANSCENDENT AS TO HAVE ACTUALLY BECOME ANIME OMG

Also, what does the_silent_army mean, "look harder"? Like a Magic Eye poster? Magic Text Wall?
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Eleven [19 Feb 2009|04:04pm]

My body matured Hard Fast and Strong
It was different long before it should have been
She just didn’t respond the same way she did before
It/I was foreign
I was eleven years young and
Those nasty ill willed men could smell my new “gifts”
And I reveled in this
I used my new power to my advantage
And thus continue to do so

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You still do these? [03 Feb 2009|06:01pm]

Looks like I found this place past its prime. Anyone out there still do reviews? Prose is more near the beginning--poetry is more near the end.
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some reunion shit. [02 Feb 2009|12:38am]

I know that this is probably stupid and Lin will probably make fun of me for posting 2,495,762,394,756,923 times a week now, but I would just like to tell the world of Livejournal that after three years I'm finally writing again and it feels totally fucking amazing. Don't know if any of you have ever dealt with writers block or being inspired by absolutely nothing in one of the most inspiring cities in the world, but defeating that shit is one of the best feelings in the world. That is all.

Smell you guys later,
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Okay, go for it. [19 Jan 2009|06:16am]

My journal has no friend-locking, so all entries are available to be viewed.  Kindly bypass the fan fiction, if you would.  There is very little of it, but still.

Thank you!
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This is going to hurt... [16 Jan 2009|12:03pm]

Go for it, please.
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[13 Dec 2008|09:25am]

Hi, could I please be reviewed?  Thanks very much.
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punching bag/fresh meat. [26 Nov 2008|01:38pm]

Review me, please.
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[07 Nov 2008|11:05am]

May I have a review please? The major point of my LJ is as an outlet to hone my writing skills, so I would appreciate some objective feedback. Apologies in advance for the long entries. :)
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