Jenny (onda_bianca) wrote in youcantwrite,

Review Me?

I was just a smidge bit curious. It's too bad I don't feel comfy making public my friends only stuff. Feel free to skip over the youtube entries and entries that don't have much to do with anything. Perhaps that's more than the few I'm thinking of in my head. Happy Saturday.
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Oh my god.
Haha. I though I might get responses like this.
I'm not...

Um. See, the thing is...

Er. The point to writing...

Did you really walk naked from your apartment to your car to retreive a bottle of shampoo? Seriously? Were you out of towels? Do people really do this? And got cited by a cop? And you're a second-grade teacher?
Haha. You really think I did?
If you didn't, why would you write about it in your journal?
Because its a make-believe story. Journal entry really, not full story. It was funny to see the number of people who actually know me wonder if it was real or make believe...
Journals are not fictional, by definition.

I like to live on the edge. Ha. ;)
I suppose it was just me being creative. In my own little world. Some people got it, others did not. ;)
I didn't realize people would find me that awful. I expected a few "oh my chicken pies"...if people were still around. But I never realized anyone would see my stuff as awful. I suppose there's all types...not everyone meshes. Ha.
You might be a wonderful person. Who knows? The problem is that your journal doesn't make much sense. If it entertains you, great, but I don't see much writing in there. Lots of pointless ranting, but no real writing.